The NEM Futures Updater can be your means to automatically update your central SQL server with traded electricity futures prices (from the Australian Securities Exchange) for the electricity futures contracts developed by ASX Energy.


The update process is based on proven technology that has been subject to ongoing development since 2000, and has been successfully used in numerous client installations around Australia with other data sets related to Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM).


An overview of the update process is shown below:




  1. At the end of each business day, ASX Energy provides updates of end of day clearing futures prices for the day (for each of the futures contracts currently trading).
  2. This data update is then passed over multiple redundant update paths across the internet to your copy of the NEMFuturesUpdater.
  3. Your copy of the NEMFuturesUpdater will be running continuously, as a service on your server PC, waiting for these updates to be published.
  4. When new updates are available, they will be processed and added to your central SQL server, ready for your analysis.


For technical support or for purchase enquiries, please call:

+61 (0) 7 3368 4064