How to Install and Use

Getting started with your license

Contact us to sign up to a license by calling +61 (0) 7 3368 4064

Once you have placed your order for the NEMFuturesUpdater you will be contacted with further details about how you can get yourself up and running, at your convenience.



NEMFutures Updater Install Package

The NEMFutures Updater obtains ASX data from Global-Roam servers over the Internet and then writes this this data into your local NEMFutures Database.



How to Install

It should only take you 10-15 minutes to get started, if you have your IT Administrator at hand to provide you with information, and Administrative rights as necessary.


Step 1: Choose which database backend you will be using

The NEMFuturesUpdater supports both:

1)  Full copies of MS SQL Server; and

2)  The freely installable MS SQL Express Database.


Step 2: Download the Installation File for the NEMFuturesUpdater

Contact us on the phone number above to get access to the NEMFuturesUpdater installation file. Save this file to a local drive.


Step 3: Install the NEMFuturesUpdater

Once you have completed Step 2, double-click on the NEMFuturesUpdater installation file you just downloaded. Follow the prompts until the installation is complete.


Step 4: Setup the NEMFuturesUpdater

Now that you have the NEMFuturesUpdater installed on your machine, you will need to provide it with some settings. Click on the Start button, and go to Programs -> global-roam -> NEMFuturesUpdater -> NEMFuturesUpdater. Once the interface has come up, click on File -> Application -> Start.


Licence Setup
When the application starts, you will be prompted for your licence details.

Enter your gr-ID details the details (Username and Password) for the account containing the NEMFuturesUpdater. Follow the prompts to select a valid licence for the NEMFuturesUpdater application.

Proxy Setup
You will see the following screen next:


Consult your IT Administrator for the settings to fill out this form.

Firewall Access

NEMFuturesUpdater requires internet access for licencing, configuration and data retrieval purposes. The updater will require access to the following URL’s;

All of the URL’s except the configuration URL,, use port 80. uses SSL. If you have restrictions on your certificate store then to access the configuration URL you will need to add the * certificate to your certificate store explicitly.

Database Setup
If you have successfully setup your proxy settings, you will see the following screen now:


It is with this wizard that you will setup where the NEMFuturesUpdater stores all of its data. Click on the “NEMFutures Database Connection” option in the box on the left, and then click on the “Configure Selected” button. You will see the following screen:


Use the drop down box at the top to select MSSQL as your database server. You will then need to show the application how to find that server by providing it with a connection string. Click on the “New” button. You will see one of the two following screens (depending on what database type you have selected):


This screen is here to help you point the application towards the location of the database. After you have filled out the form, you should test the connection, then select to Install Database button. This button will install all of the necessary tables and triggers to the server you specified. Follow any prompts that come up. Once this has completed, click OK. Continue clicking OK until you get back to the starting screen, which should now look like this:


Service Setup
The only thing remaining to is to set the NEMFuturesUpdater to run as a service. Go to File -> Application -> Stop, and then go to File -> Service -> Start. You should see the same interface as before, except now the NEMFuturesUpdater is running in the background, and will continue to run as long as the computer is on. You can close the interface screen by clicking on the X button in the top right hand corner.



Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about the NEMFuturesUpdater? Look no further. This is a collection of the most frequently asked questions that we have recieved concerning the Updater. If you cannot find an answer to your question here head over to our support page, and lodge your question there.


Q: What network configuration does the NEMFuturesUpdater need?
A:  If your system uses a proxy to access the internet, the NEMFuturesUpdater can be set up to use this proxy from within the application. The NEMFuturesUpdater will also require firewall access for specific URL’s. For a list of the URL’s see the Firewall Access section of the Installation Instructions.


Q: What version of SQL Server does the NEMFuturesUpdater require?
A: The NEMFuturesUpdater database will work on SQL Server 2005 and above.


Q: What computer specifications does the NEMFuturesUpdater require?
A: Any computer that is capable of running the .NET Framework can generally run the NEMFuturesUpdater. It’s very flexible, and does not consume much in the way of system resources or bandwidth. Make sure that the computer in question is able to run Windows services (i.e. must be Windows Vista or above).


Q: How does the program download the data from the internet?
A: The NEMFuturesUpdater downloads all its data using the HTTP protocol. Its as simple as being able to access a webpage.


Q: How often does the NEMFuturesUpdater check for new data? How often does it download new data?
A:  The NEMFuturesUpdater checks for new data on an hourly basis. It downloads new data once each day (because Futures Settlement data is released on a daily basis).




For technical support please email call +61 (0) 7 3368 4064